Today, the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court issued Administrative Order No. 9, which extends Delaware’s Judicial Emergency for another 30 days, effective August 7, 2020.  Per the Administrative Order, the Delaware courts will continue to operate under Phase 2.

Citing the “national trend of increasing virus spread, new quarantine requirements by other states, and hotspots within [Delaware]”, the courts will not enter Phase 3 of the Reopening Plan until “medical experts believe it is safe to do so and more information becomes available about the trends in COVID-19 infections and its spread in the United States and Delaware.”

Moreover, per the Administrative Order, all Delaware Courts are authorized, to the greatest extent possible under 10 Del. C. § 2008, to continue to utilize audiovisual devices at their facilities and remotely to conduct proceedings, with the exception of jury trials.  Moreover, the suspension of requirements for sworn affidavits, verifications, oaths or affidavits filed in the Delaware Courts, as set forth under Administrative Order No. 3, remains in effect.

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