According to a recent announcement, the Delaware Court of Chancery amended various rules to match current practices in the Court and to clarify the Court’s expectations.  The Court amended Rules 79, 89, 114, 176, and 180-B.  A summary of the changes, as set forth in the announcement, are set forth below:

  • Rule 79 is amended to remove outdated language regarding how the Register in Chancery maintains its dockets.
  • Rule 89 is amended to remove the outdated language in the standard text of the Court’s form bonds.
  • Rule 114 is amended to clarify that all trust accountings are expected to be filed within ninety (90) days of the end of the accounting period.
  • Rule 176 is amended to permit those petitioning for guardianship to provide notice to interested parties by any courier service that provides real-time tracking of delivery.
  • Rule 180-B is amended to confirm that the Office of the Public Guardian may provide forms for its annual guardianship reviews, subject to the Court’s approval.

A link to the revised rules can be found here, and a redline reflecting the revisions can be found here.

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